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Counselor, ministry leader, and regular mom Nicole Unice shines on video in the She's Got Issues DVD Group Experience. In this six-session teaching series based on her popular book, Nicole talks candidly about the everyday issues that hold you back from living free and loving well:

• Surrendering the Kung-Fu Control Grip
• Insidious Insecurity
• Quitting the Comparison Game
• The Big Leap from Fear to Freedom
• Breaking the Silence on Anger
• Uprooting the Bitter Weed of Unforgiveness

About The DVD

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She's Got Issues

  • DVD Group Experience Trailer
  • Ch 7: New perspective on the phrase “It’s not fair.”
  • Why I wrote the book
  • Ch 8: How to stop comparing yourself with others
  • Ch 1: The issues Nicole struggles with most
  • Ch 9: Discern between fear and common sense
  • Ch 2: Warning signs that you’ve got issues
  • Ch 10: God’s Word can help you stop worrying
  • Ch 3: How much we allow God to be in control
  • Ch 11: Why anger has power—and what it reveals
  • Ch 4: Surrender can free you from control issues
  • Ch 12: How to channel your anger productively
  • Ch 5: How God can use your insecurity
  • Ch 13: The power of forgiveness
  • Ch 6: The five promises of security in Christ
  • Ch 14: Now that you’ve finished reading...

Nicole Unice

Nicole Unice is a full-time mom and a part-time ministry leader and blogger. Having grown up in a military family, Nicole thrives in transition, as her job history details: she's been a personal trainer, church administrator, fitness director, professional counselor, and student ministry leader—-which is why she connects easily with so many different...
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